2020 6th Grade Loterry

This is an EARLY reminder that the deadline to enter current 5th grade siblings into our lottery for the 2020-21 school year is January 17, 2020.If you do NOT enter your student into the lottery, we do NOT promise you a space in the incoming 6th grade class.  The application is on our website:http://hammondacademy.org/application/If you have […]

Q1 Honor Roll

High School Honor Roll – 2019-2020 Q1 Student Name Grade Level Level Anderson, Melanie Marie 12 A Honor Roll Dimos, Ryan Joseph 12 A Honor Roll Kudlo, Emma Stephanie 12 A Honor Roll Lopez, Alejandro G 12 A Honor Roll Sarwacinski, Juliana Rae 12 A Honor Roll Allison, Crystal Rose 11 A Honor Roll Barraza, […]