Q1 Honor Roll

HAST HIgh School Honor Roll – 2018-2019 Q1 Student Name Grade Level Level Comanse, Nataraja 12 A Honor Roll Downs, Connor Jacob 12 A Honor Roll Waddell, Suvia 12 A Honor Roll Anderson, Melanie Marie 11 A Honor Roll Conway-Williams, Christen Ann 11 A Honor Roll Davis, Jadiyah Angelee 11 A Honor Roll Eddings, Ciarra […]

This Week at HAST

Wednesday, October 10 is our Virtual Learning Day for October.  Teachers at each grade level need to know how many students are attending who will also need lunch.  We will need a lunch county by Friday of this week.  We also want to make sure that students complete their assigned work on virtual days, as […]

HAST/Hammond Updates

We had excellent attendance on Tuesday, for our Fall Picture Day.  Fewer than 10 absences in the entire school.  Let’s make that a goal for every day!! I hope that students completed their virtual day assignments on time to get credit and be counted for attendance purposes (YES, we do take attendance on virtual days, based […]

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