Active Military Form

Parents, “The purpose of the Military Children in Education questionnaire is the result of a Department of Defense (DOD) program supported by Indiana statute 20-19-3-9.4. Confidentially identifying military children and providing data on their attendance and educational outcomes, states can assist schools and districts by providing access to data to help inform policy and program […]

Q1 Honor Roll

HAST Honor Roll – 2016-2017 Q1 Student Name Grade Level Level Mora, Zarahflor Aidalys 6 A Honor Roll Reed, Jakerria P 6 A Honor Roll Valdes Chavez, Brandon 6 A Honor Roll Vega, Ariana Nayelie 6 A Honor Roll Albin, Lea Elizabeth 6 A Honor Roll Gutierrez, Aramia 6 A Honor Roll Hardesty, Nicholas M […]

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